Supercharge Your Brand with the Power
of Storytelling

We connect advertisers with content creators to forge a captivating consumer experience that generate sales.

Engage Your Brand’s Audience Like Never Before

Vergesource is a leading innovator in the digital marketing space. We blur the lines of marketing and storytelling to help you connect with your target audience in meaningful ways, and enkindle lasting relationships with them.

Our extensive network of marketing experts, content creators, and designers will become your personal digital marketing department, putting you firmly in control of your brand’s growth. With our resources, there’s virtually no limit to the new heights you’re capable of reaching.

Get Matched With a Media Platform in Our Network

We partner with several different media companies and content providers who ignite conversations and influence culture through journalism, storytelling and commentary. As your digital agency, we’ll get to know your brand on an intricate level, and determine which of our partners’ websites is the perfect place for you to advertise.

Programmatic ads run on confusing algorithms that don’t offer you much in the way of transparency. But when you use our media platform matching service, we’ll give you insight into exactly why we’ve chosen to pair you with that site. As an added bonus, you’ll get the opportunity to develop personal relationships with the content creators you’re buying ad space from, opening up limitless possibilities for creative collaboration.

Infuse Your Brand Into a Story

At Vergesource, we’re more than just the typical digital agency. We’re focused on improving the consumer experience by making your brand part of an engaging form of entertainment. Consumers who actually enjoy your advertising content are more likely to remember your brand, more likely to seek out more of your content, and more likely to buy your product.

We’ll work with you to develop branded content that your audience will love, so you can build brand familiarity more effectively than ever before. By constantly pushing to expand the boundaries of what’s possible, we’ve been able to curate jaw-dropping branded experiences in a litany of different forms. Check out some of the branded content services we offer.

Branded Films

Whether you want a four-minute video or a two-hour feature film, the brilliant creatives in our network can help you place your brand at the center of a riveting narrative.

Branded Mobile Games

Our developers will design an addicting mobile game featuring your brand, so your consumers can play through an hour-long advertisement and enjoy every minute.

Branded PR Stunts

Connect with the publicists in our network in order to stage and record bold publicity stunts that are certain to dominate headlines and generate online conversation.

Branded Podcasts

Feature your brand in one of our existing podcasts, or let us work with you to commission your brand’s own unique podcast that’ll appeal to your target market.

Branded Music

We’ll contact artists and their managers on your behalf, and work to get your brand featured in an original song or negotiate product placement in a music video.

Branded E-Books

Our talented team of writers will work closely with you to learn all about your product, and write an ebook about it that firmly positions you as an authority in your field.

Branded Quizzes

Engage your audience on social media or your website by featuring your brand in fun quizzes that grade their knowledge, or tell them something about their personality.

Branded Articles

We’ll determine which of our digital media partners best aligns with your brand, and work closely with them to commission sponsored content on your behalf.

Brand Development Services

Whether your brand needs to be defined, casually reshaped, or completely overhauled, we’ve got you covered. The branding experts in the Vergesource network have helped hundreds of brands catapult themselves to new heights.

Brand Identity

We’ll establish or rework the elements of your brand that define its reputation in the market.

Brand Voice

We’ll develop a unique tone and personality that makes your brand stand apart from its competition.

Brand Positioning

We’ll strategize with you about how to distinctify your brand from its competitors in your consumers’ minds.

Brand Guidelines

We’ll work closely with you to develop a comprehensive set of standards for your brand’s style.

The Marketing Power of a Story

Vergesource was founded with one core principle in mind: the key to engaging today’s consumers is to captivate them with a story.

In the modern world, the average person is no longer moved by an onslaught of aggressive ads and repetitive demands to buy, buy, buy. However, they’re constantly searching for quality content in a variety of different forms. Whether they love reading books, watching movies, listening to music, or interacting with posts on social media, the concept of branding content presents advertisers with a unique opportunity to reach their ideal buyer in ways that don’t risk alienating them.

In order to bring this idea to fruition, Vergesource did something no other digital agency had ever done before. We searched endlessly for the most talented professionals in every content-related industry imaginable, and managed to assemble an elite network of experts. Through this network, we’re able to curate ground-breaking original content capable of influencing consumers to a degree that traditional advertising can’t match.

Take Your Brand to the Next Level

It’s time to get an edge on your competition by joining the innovative network at Vergesource. Contact us today to find out how our trailblazing strategies and forward-thinking professionals can help your brand awareness spread like wildfire.