The Power of Storytelling

We founded Vergesource because we believe in improving the advertising experience for the consumer. And the best way to do that is through well-crafted storytelling.

For too long, advertisements have felt intrusive and irritating. Readers flip past magazine ad pages. TV audiences use commercial breaks as an excuse to go to the restroom or make another bowl of popcorn.

In the information age, the vast majority of consumers hate online ads; some even install pop-up blockers and exit pages immediately upon being bombarded with pushy marketing.

At Vergesource, we aim to change with our advertising content. We help businesses curate branded content that goes a step beyond traditional advertising and presenting an entertainment experience for the consumer.

Whether it’s something simple like a thousand word article, or something more complex and nuanced like a branded mobile game, Vergesource is leading the way by placing brands at the center of something every consumer loves: a good story.

By matching advertising clients with appropriate content partners, we lay the foundation for meaningful marketing to the right audience. In doing so, we also open a path to monetization for hard-working artists whose creations provide immense entertainment value to their audiences. We nurture these relationships between brands and creators, and encourage them to take risks and collaborate on content that consumers will enjoy from beginning to end.

A Message from our Founder

“When I first heard my mentor use the phrase ‘marketing fatigue’, it changed my entire perspective on advertising. Right then and there, I discovered that there was a word for what I’d been experiencing my entire life — the sheer exhaustion resulting from the constant bombardment of businesses trying to force their brands into my brain

At that very moment, the idea of Vergesource sparked itself into existence inside my head. I knew that if I could help businesses advertise in a way that delighted consumers rather than tiring them out, I’d be improving the lives of millions of people around the world. And the best way I knew how to delight people is through the power of a great story.”

-Javier Lewis, Founder and CEO of Vergesource

Our mission is to create a better consumer experience by continually blurring the lines of advertising and entertainment.

Our Process

The value of Vergesource lies in the vast size of our professional network, which is made up of hundreds of content creators and just as many standout brands.

Once we identify a great candidate to join our network, we vet them carefully and decide whether they exemplify the characteristics that make Vergesource stand out: innovation, bravery, and genuine empathy for the consumer experience.

When a business earns a place in our network, we work with them on an ongoing basis. We work closely with businesses, helping them in their brand development process by working with them to redefine and reshape their brand to further growth and identity.
When they’re ready to extend their consumer reach, we connect them with media platforms and content creators based on key factors that make them compatible.

When a content creator joins our network, we help them define their voice and nurture their artistic strengths. We may also connect them with mentors who can help them push their content’s value to new heights. All the while, we’re constantly evaluating which brands in our network will benefit most from that creator’s unique style and ingenuity. When we discover a perfect fit, we introduce the two parties and help them get to know each other in a deep and meaningful way.

Our Network

The Vergesource network is a powerful professional universe that helps bring together people who will tell captivating and exceptional stories.

As our network grows larger, it continues to provide more and more value to the brands and content curators within it. So our team of scouts is constantly searching far and wide in order to identify brilliant candidates who will provide value to the Vergesource community.

If you or someone you know is a brave innovator and might be a great fit for our network, please have them email us at